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I am driving home from work today. I pass by the Fire Station, and as always i read the sign. They always put these catchy little safety slogans like “teach children water safety”, or “mulch can be a dangerous ashtray”.

Today’s message struck me as really funny. It said “Wear proper attire when grilling”. I laughed my ass off when i read this. I don’t know why, but it just strikes me as funny. When i read that the first thing that came into my mind was a picture of a guy in a tuxedo grilling hamburgers. And it was fucking hilarious. I don’t know why it was so funny, but it was. So there.

Other things around me now: I have awful luck. AWFUL fucking luck. I’m not even going to go into that. AWFUL LUCK. Though, tommorrow is my last day of high school. That is good luck. But, the bad luck overshadows it all. Though, right now in 24 hours i’ll be watching naked women dancing around me. But, oh….the bad luck. fuck fuck fuck.

Anyways, enough of my bitching, im gonna go listen to some more Fifteen and be happy for a while. I love this fucking band. I got “The choice of a new generation” used, and it is such a damn good album. Wish i woulda gotten into them earlier. Anyways, that’s my two cents, todd.


Weather: A bit cold, like usual at this time of night.
Time: 1:56 AM, a little late for me to up considering i have both work and school tommorrow, but oh well, what can ya do?
In my CD player currently: Dillinger Four, Furious George, Zeke, Sludgeworth, The Retreads.
My thoughts right now: I’m enjoying college. Much better than high school. If you are still in highschool, and hating every minute of it, just wait till college. Even if you hate everyone in site, you only have to deal with them for 3–4 hours a day. It’s fun. Moving on.

I had a fun night last night. I spent the night at my friend J****’s, who is who i will be living with next year if i decide to stay at ***. He got the porn channel from Pay-Per-View, so we spent the whole night criticing porno and drinking woodchuck. I was once again reminded how much i love drunken slumber. You can be on the floor, in your full clothes, with shoes on, and still be comfortable sleeping. It’s still the best sleep you’ll ever get. Damn.

I’ve come to realization that there are no good girls left. They all have boyfriends, it’s like a requirement nowadays. Wierd.

It’s fun being in the know. There is a very funny situation going on somewhere i visit, and i know the true story behind it all and it’s very funny. I can’t mention anything about it though, or i will be shot down in my prime. Speaking of being shot down in your prime, i had some pretty shitty pizza today. Apparantly there is a dairy shortage so a lot of pizza places are switching to using that cheap imitation cheese shit. And you are all better people for knowing this. That’s my two cents.


Weather”: a bit fucking tired of this rain. It’s a bitch to drive in. I’m tired of looking through foggy glass. (a. goes out to m***….see if he gets the joke…2. can be taken many ways…).

time: 12:00 exactly. (well, it will be soon.)

in my CD player: accually, not my CD player, as im not at home…but it’s Rasputina.

I saw a duck today. I lied. That’s all.


The Christian Right can suck my ass. Motherfuckers. Peices of shit. Let me explain.

I’m on vacation, right. I’m lounging, doin the online thing (as i am a big huge nerd, and i brought my dad’s laptop with me).

On the evil (in a bad way) television comes on 20/20 or nightline or something along those lines, im not too sure.

The story that they are doing is about some new program that “de-gays” people. They are treating homosexuality as a fucking disease! They were saying something like “The program consists of much bible study and counciling and support groups”. What the fuck? They also said that there is no way anyone is born gay, something has to happen to make them gay. I swear…people need to realize that being gay is not a disease, it’s not a “problem”,that can just be fixed and forgotten about. It’s not a problem, its not a disease. If people want to like the same sez as them, let em. I don’t see how people can get such a bug up their ass about it. I personally don’t care. I just don’t want to hear about it. Just as i don’t want to hear about straight people’s sex lives. Is your own business, ya know? But anyways… Now that i have that out of my system…I’m on vacation.

I’m doin allright. It’s nice and relaxing here. The beach was fun today, though i did get quite sunburned. Oh well. i really shoulda worn sunscreen. Dumb me. Well, it is getting late…i think i’m gonna jet, folks. I will probably rant again later this week, if anything pisses me off or i find anything especially funny…

Today i ate at the Froggy Dog. Neat, huh? Froggy Dog…woulda been better though if it was the Monkey Hut. Holy shit….the Monkey Hut! that will be my restaurant! I have a vision! i have a purpose! i must go now!



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